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Talent Management is an investment. Every company wants to have the best and brightest employees and with Talent Management that can be achieved. The item that usually accounts for the highest cost for a company is its work force. With a company’s workforce being the highest cost to it, does it not make sense to invest in it? With Talent Management, you are developing a more skilled workforce and attracting a higher caliber of new employee.

We all know that training and retraining costs money and Talent Management can reduce these costs. Recruiting the correct people, and keeping a talented workforce is a priority in today’s business environment.

Having a talented group of employees has always been a key to success. It will translate into cost savings and higher productivity. Talent Management is the investment that will pay dividends over the course of its use.



  1. Increase your working knowledge and your ability to manage talent and performance.
  2. Learn specifically what you can do to affect and impact the performance of your people.
  3. Raise your individual skills in managing talent and performance of your employees.
  4. Maximize your ability to get the right people in the right jobs and doing the right things.
  5. Align your people effectively with your organization’s strategic goal and objectives.
  6. Motivate and inspire employees to raise the bar and open up to more of their potential.
  7. Increase your ability to identify and solve talent management issues and challen



  1. Strategically manage the talent and performance in your organization.
  2. Implement proven strategies, tools, and processes to help manage talent and performa
  3. Discover how to focus people more effectively on their performance by examining each phase of the performance management proces
  4. Develop employees performance by setting meaningful goals, providing effective feedback, diagnosing potential problems and building a plan of action to correct the problems.
  5. Getting the Organization Ready to Develop Exceptional People
  6. Identify Critical Knowledge
  7. Transfer Knowledge to Others
  8. Verify Learning and Success



Managers and leaders who manage others and who want to increase their ability to manage talent and performance within their organizations.


INSTRUCTOR :   By Ir. Desmon Ginting, M.Tech.


VENUE : Jakarta (Maxone Hotel Menteng, Balairung Hotel Matraman, Sentral Hotel, Haris Tebet, Gd Muamalat Institute, Ibis Manggadua, Little Amaroossa Residence, Cosmo Amaroossa, Zodiak MT. Haryono, Grand Tjokro)





  1. 02 Jan 2020-03 Jan 2020
  2. 27 Feb 2020-28 Feb 2020
  3. 23 Mar 2020-24 Mar 2020
  4. 01 Apr 2020-02 Apr 2020
  5. 07 Mei 2020-08 Mei 2020
  6. 25 Jun 2020-26 Jun 2020
  7. 01 Jul 2020-02 Jul 2020
  8. 27 Agust 2020-28 Agust 2020
  9. 02 Sep 2020-03 Sep 2020
  10. 29 Okt 2020-30 Okt 2020
  11. 26 Nop 2020-27 Nop 2020
  12. 02 Des 2020-03 Des 2020




  1. 4.500.000/person (full fare) or
  2. 4.250.000/person (early bird, payment 1 week before training) or
  3. 3.950.000/person (if there are 3 persons or more from the same company)



  1. Modul Training
  2. Flashdisk Training berisi materi training
  3. Sertifikat
  4. ATK: NoteBook dan Ballpoint
  5. T-Shirt
  6. Ransel
  7. Foto Training
  8. Ruang Training dengan fasilitas Full AC dan multimedia
  9. Makan siang dan 2 kali coffeebreak
  10. Instruktur yang Qualified