Silabus Training :




Intelligent is part of steps, tool and way to protects Company assets, employees, clients and company image or reputation.  It is effective way to conducts professional and independent Intelligent to identify crime and incident before it happened such as crime, stolen assets, cover root causes, crime acts and to support prosecution and civil actions.

Addresses Crime prevention and detection issues and creates necessary crime and incident policies, in full partnership with Company businesses. The Security Intelligent Management Program Office develops training modules and delivery processes, assesses products and business processes for crime prevention, collects information and reports case  to management, and identifies new prevention/detection technology

We provide security Intelligent and trends from a security regional and global perspective materials. We provides a holistic approach to reviewing, analyzing, and presenting data available to Intelligent, and links related information collected from multiple data sources to develop an all-source intelligence assessment. The unit also reviews and promotes data quality within intelligent systems, and ensures the appropriate use of analytical tools within Intelligent.

In this era of heightened concern about terrorism, crimes, sabotage, varieties natural disaster, peoples unrest and industrial espionage, we may have even more reason to attend to the security of our company’s operation, peoples, property and information. Also with the varieties of threats, hazard and risks which potentially become accident and incident. Bomb threat is the most common happened in our workplace. Ready or not ready.. we have to ready. We have to know what to do and how to do before, during and after bomb threat.

Bomb threats persist as the most common bomb-related problem encountered by organizations worldwide. In this three days distance learning course, bomb security expert instructor/ presenter explores the procedures and options for bomb skill and knowledge, managing bomb threats, evacuations, searching facilities for explosive devices, and responding to a suspicious object.



Security Officers, employees, Supervisor, Manager and Safety Committee.




  1. Security Intelligent function, duty and responsibility.
  2. Crime, Incident and Accident anticipation thru Intelligent.
  3. Cyber crime and Finance Intelligent.
  4. Do and don’t as an Intelligent.
  5. How to prepare a Intelligent report
  6. Intelligent tools, equipment and supporting documents.
  7. Indonesian Law knowledge ( Perdata and Pidana )
  8. Function of electronic security in supporting the Intelligent.
  9. Manage events and other means towards company employees to enhance security awareness of all employees and to ensure within people in all area, people should be alert and avoid opportunities for crime such as leaving unattended personal valuables, and leaving offices unlocked when unoccupied,
  10. Excellent Intelligent Design, Concept, Methods and System
  11. For Bomb Threats
  • Motives of threat
  • Malevolent Bomb Threat Strategies
  • Pre-Planning Considerations
  • Bomb Threat Response Planning
  • Command and Control
  • Handling Threat Calls
  • Evaluating Bomb Threats
  • Establishing an Incident Command Point (ICP)
  • Search and Evacuation Planning
  • Security Team Search
  • Suspect Object Response



50% theory, 25% brainstorming and 25% case study.



  1. Material Presentation
  2. Film show
  3. Interactive Discussion
  4. Case Study
  5. Interactive Game


INSTRUCTOR :   Alex Simon


VENUE : Jakarta (Maxone Hotel Menteng, Balairung Hotel Matraman, Sentral Hotel, Haris Tebet, Gd Muamalat Institute, Ibis Manggadua, Little Amaroossa Residence, Cosmo Amaroossa, Zodiak MT. Haryono, Grand Tjokro)





  1. 08 Jan 2020-10 Jan 2020
  2. 05 Feb 2020-07 Feb 2020
  3. 04 Mar 2020-06 Mar 2020
  4. 06 Apr 2020-08 Apr 2020
  5. 11 Mei 2020-13 Mei 2020
  6. 02 Jun 2020-04 Jun 2020
  7. 08 Jul 2020-10 Jul 2020
  8. 05 Agust 2020-07 Agust 2020
  9. 09 Sep 2020-11 Sep 2020
  10. 07 Okt 2020-09 Okt 2020
  11. 04 Nop 2020-06 Nop 2020
  12. 09 Des 2020-11 Des 2020




  1. 6.500.000/peserta (bayar penuh) atau
  2. 6.250.000/peserta (early bird, yang membayar 1 minggu sebelum training) atau
  3. 5.950.000/peserta (peserta bergroup yang terdiri dari 3 peserta atau lebih dari 1 perusahaan yang sama)



  1. Modul Training
  2. Flashdisk Training berisi materi training
  3. Sertifikat
  4. ATK: NoteBook dan Ballpoint
  5. T-Shirt
  6. Ransel
  7. Foto Training
  8. Ruang Training dengan fasilitas Full AC dan multimedia
  9. Makan siang dan 2 kali coffeebreak
  10. Instruktur yang Qualified