Silabus Training :




One of the toughest tasks that must be carried out by those responsible in the field of internal control, security companies and human resources, is at the moment should be handled cases involving employees of the company; such as theft or fraud. This is because more than half of its activity in the form of an interview investigation to uncover the truth behind the case. What comes to mind when you hear the word investigative interview, almost the same as other people who have to bear the unpleasant task. The tense atmosphere, high tone and the opposition parties interviewed. Not to mention the target load of the assignor, demanding the final result of specific recognition of employees who were allegedly involved. That connotation is attached to said interview investigation, prompting the emergence of resistance of the subject at a time of tension bearers of his duties, even before the event starts.



After this training, participants targeted:
1. Ability to build rapport quickly.

  1. Being able to recognizethe signs ofdeceit.
    3. Being able to recognize the various forms of sentence patterns are used to

obscure problems and mengcounternya.
4.Ability todevelopquestions thatfriendlybutsubconsciously, verypressing

subject of the interview.
5. Able to design effective investigation interview scenario.



  1. Basic of group behavior
    • The different between formal and informal group
    • Two model of group development compare
    • How to analysis group interaction
    • Identify the key factor to explain group behavior
    • The change of role in different condition
    • The effect of norms to group behavior
    • The definition of social lazy and the effect to group performance
    • The advantage   and  disadvantage of cohesive group
    • Strength and weakness of group decision
    • Affectivity of group interaction
  2. Human right in investigation
    • The definition of investigation
    • Human right and investigation
    • Technical aspect of investigation
    • Practical step to use international standard
    • Human right in catching, include women catching and children
    • International standard about arrest
    • Human right in arrest , include women arrest and children
    • International instruments relation with human right and police
  3. Inspection
  4. Intelligent investigation
    • Intelligent investigation
    • Intelligent investigation target
    • Intelligent investigation technique



  1. Material Presentation
  2. Film show
  3. Interactive Discussion
  4. Case Study
  5. Interactive Game


INSTRUCTOR :   Alex Simon


VENUE : Jakarta (Maxone Hotel Menteng, Balairung Hotel Matraman, Sentral Hotel, Haris Tebet, Gd Muamalat Institute, Ibis Manggadua, Little Amaroossa Residence, Cosmo Amaroossa, Zodiak MT. Haryono, Grand Tjokro)





  1. 20 Jan 2020-21 Jan 2020
  2. 26 Feb 2020-27 Feb 2020
  3. 23 Mar 2020-24 Mar 2020
  4. 20 Apr 2020-21 Apr 2020
  5. 19 Mei 2020-20 Mei 2020
  6. 24 Jun 2020-25 Jun 2020
  7. 20 Jul 2020-21 Jul 2020
  8. 26 Agust 2020-27 Agust 2020
  9. 21 Sep 2020-22 Sep 2020
  10. 28 Okt 2020-29 Okt 2020
  11. 25 Nop 2020-26 Nop 2020
  12. 23 Des 2020-24 Des 2020




  1. 4.500.000/peserta (bayar penuh) atau
  2. 4.250.000/peserta (early bird, yang membayar 1 minggu sebelum training) atau
  3. 3.950.000/peserta (peserta bergroup yang terdiri dari 3 peserta atau lebih dari 1 perusahaan yang sama)



  1. Modul Training
  2. Flashdisk Training berisi materi training
  3. Sertifikat
  4. ATK: NoteBook dan Ballpoint
  5. T-Shirt
  6. Ransel
  7. Foto Training
  8. Ruang Training dengan fasilitas Full AC dan multimedia
  9. Makan siang dan 2 kali coffeebreak
  10. Instruktur yang Qualified